It’s easier to fool people than convince them that they have been fooled.”

– Mark Twain

Here is our Strategy:

Our approach to managing wealth breaks down into two categories – Stocks and Bonds – utilizing three proprietary strategies:

Tax Exempt Municipal Bonds

Taxable Municipal Bonds

Custom Strategy:

If a client desires a blended approach to the markets, we simply adjust the ratio of each strategy to fit their needs. The combinations are endless, and each client is able to decide, with our help, what works best for them.

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Equity Strategy

The Equity Strategy involves active trading of individual equities. We combine fundamental and technical research to identify high-growth stocks that have the potential to outperform their peers and the overall market. The portfolio can fluctuate from 100% invested to 100% in cash.

We do not apply standard asset allocation or diversification methodologies to this strategy. Instead we buy targeted stocks regardless of the portfolio’s overall concentration in style, sector, region, or type.

Risk is mitigated by adhering to proprietary sell rules for each holding if it loses value or its upside potential has been reached. By actively selling, we can control the downside risk better than using common diversification methods.

APS Equity Strategy vs. SPY

APS Equity Strategy vs. SPY – NET

Bond Strategies

Our unique bond strategies take advantage of the structural inefficiencies in the Municipal Bond market. We use a combination of individual Municipal bonds and Closed-End Municipal bond funds. We stick to what we know best and rarely buy anything other than a Municipal. By keeping our focus narrow, we can create better outcomes for our clients and manage risk more efficiently.

Closed-End funds are vastly different from the more commonly known Open-Ended mutual funds you would see in your 401(k) program. We recommend this Investopedia article to learn more.

APS Bond Strategy vs. 80% MUB/20% BAB

When purchasing individual bonds for our clients’ accounts, we take advantage of inconsistent pricing in the marketplace and often purchase largely misunderstood/complex bonds. Since the Municipal Bonds market is so inefficient, there are incremental gains to be had in a multitude of places, if you know where to look. Our hands-on approach creates value you cannot get at most firms.

The composite information shown here is a combination of our Tax Exempt Municipal Bond Strategy and our Taxable Municipal Bond Strategy. The type of client account, i.e. Roth, IRA or brokerage, determines which strategy we use, based on tax consequences.