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A Crash Course in Financial Investing

If you’ve worked with a financial advisor before, this is how it typically goes…

You have a discussion with the advisor about your financial goals. You assess your level of risk. You talk about diversifying your portfolio. You talk about allocating your assets.

All the buzzwords.

Then your financial advisor sets up your investments in a way that puts certain percentages in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, international markets, domestic markets, etc.

You are now diversified.

Scenario One: You’re Getting Robbed…

You check in on your accounts once a year with your advisor. You might make a couple of tweaks, but mostly, you set it and forget it.

It’s the “buy and hold” strategy.

You pay fees to the advisor for managing your money, and/or the advisor gets a commission for investing your money in certain mutual funds.

Scenario Two: You’re Still Getting Robbed…

The advisor explains how they “actively manage” your portfolio using proprietary screening methods on the investments you hold. They screen the investments on your behalf quarterly to stay on top of it.

If one of the funds develops a record of not meeting their criteria for multiple quarters in a row, they replace it. When the market changes direction, however, they aren’t structured to take advantage of a gain or avoid a loss.

It’s a fancier version of “buy and hold.”

You pay fees to the advisor for managing your money.

You get the average of performance across all the asset classes, good and bad. Sometimes the market is up, sometimes it’s down. If you stay the course, the financial advisors claim you will have a smoother ride and a positive outcome over time.

Your money gets an average return, probably around plus or minus 1% from the benchmark.

There has to be a better way, right?

How APS Ventures Manages Your Money

When you work with APS Ventures, you get a drastically different approach.

We don’t believe in current asset allocation and diversification methods. We don’t believe in buying the usual mutual funds. We don’t believe in “buy and hold.”

We don’t believe average is good enough.


We’ve found a better way. We believe in adding value as your financial advisor. We do more to manage your money.

We go direct to the source, buying individual stocks in the market. We look for the stocks that are performing the best right now and invest in those. When the time is right to sell, we take our gain or cut our losses and move on to the next high-performing stock.

We can make trades daily or hold stocks for months. We are flexible. We use our proprietary metrics – based on extensive research and experience – to determine what and when to buy and sell. Our clients’ portfolios may fluctuate from 100% invested in the market to 100% in cash.

Our fixed income strategies are just as dynamic. We utilize Municipal bonds to separate from the pack and provide more value to our clients. Learn more about our distinct strategies.

We manage your money like it’s our own. We’ll help you make more money.

Isn’t That Risky?

No, our composite data shows us otherwise. But this is not a mainstream approach.

Because we actively manage your money every day, we act quickly so we can provide downside protection and a bigger upside. Our clients experience significantly less volatility compared to the major indexes we outperform.

We wrote our own rules for managing risk.

We’re here to help educate you so you can make informed decisions about your money. We invite you to explore our composite data and our investment strategies so you can educate yourself.

If you’re not comfortable with it, we understand. This unconventional approach is not for everyone. But it does work.

Want to see our results?

See for yourself how we outperform the market. Dig into our investment strategies and check out our 5-year track record. We’re proud of the results we deliver.

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How do I know if I am making money?

You can log in to our Client Portal at any time to track your account performance and balances.

So, what are your fees?

APS Ventures is a Registered Investment Advisor. For individual investors, we charge an annual fee for our services, and it is based on assets under management. The fee is billed in arrears on a quarterly basis.

Currently our individual client accounts are held at Charles Schwab where equity trades are free, making our annual fee your only expense. That’s refreshing.

Strategy Annual Fee Billed
Equity 1.25% Quarterly Billed (0.375%)
Tax-Exempt Municipal Bond 1.00% Quarterly Billed (0.25%)
Taxable Municipal Bond 1.00% Quarterly (0.25%)

Want to learn more about fees other advisors charge?

It’s eye opening to see what you’re really paying for.

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